Winstanley Ceramic Whippet ***SOLD***

The Whippet Company

Utterly charming brindle and white particolour ceramic Whippet by Jenny Winstanley.

At just under 34 cm high this delightful whimsical Whippet has a presence all of it's own! (Everyone fell in love with it when it arrived at our office!) 

Made of the finest hard-fired, hand painted and glazed earthenware, this lovely example of a Winstanley Whippet has cathedral glass eyes and bears the potter's signature and size number (8). No two models are painted the same so each one is unique thus making it a highly collectible item.

In recent years her work has gained popularity and value worldwide.

This piece is in excellent condition and would make a lovely present.


33 cm H (approx)

20 cm W (approx)

33 cm D (approx)

Brindle & White Particolour

The Story

Jenny, who studied sculpture in Kingston, was originally best known for her cats that she started crafting with her husband Ken Allen in 1958. Made in a range of sizes from 1 to 8, before her untimely death in 2004 Jenny Winstanley had created an unrivalled collection!

Type: Ornament

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