The Dicky Bag

The Whippet Company

We L.O.V.E these!

Finally the answer to that infernal poo bag swinging from your wrist, and it's such a good one too!

An award winning design, the Dicky Bag is lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof and lets you carry the bag of 'you know what' to the nearest bin without causing offence!

Made of neoprene with a zip top it has an area in the lid to store clean bags and can be attached to a regular lead, retractable lead, a belt, or with the addition of the Dicky Bag Strap, (available separately) can be worn over your shoulder or body.

Comes with a renewable Dicky Disk air freshener and a some complimentary poo bags!

As seen on Country File!


Extra Small H 10 cm W 8 cm (1 x Iggy poo!)

Small H 12.5 cm x W 8 cm (2 x Iggy / 1 x Whippet poo!)

Medium H 12.5 cm x 10 cm (2 x Whippet / 1 x large Lurcher poo!)

Large H 16 cm x 10 cm (Greyhound / 2 x large Lurcher poo!)

Extra Large H 18 cm x 11 cm (2 x Greyhound poo!)


Type: Poo

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