Fawn Beswick Whippet 'Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways' ***SOLD***

The Whippet Company

Beautiful fawn gloss glazed Whippet 'Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways'.

This charming piece designed by Arthur Gredington  was introduced in 1961 with production ending in 1983  and is the first of two versions.

At 12 cm / 4.7" high it stands beautifully on a mantelpiece or side table.

Condition: Immaculate 

Model No.1786A, (first version with tail curling between legs)


Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways was born in January 1950 and decended from the Tiptree Whippets from whom the Laguna line (the most successful Whippets both in the UK and overseas) originate from.

As early as 1898, Beswick introduced models of dogs as mantelpiece ornaments. The very best of the championship winners are singled out to pose for them, with a team of experts advising on the final product. Crufts judges, for example, suggest improvements to the clay reproduction until satisfied that the conformation is exact. Few potteries can compete with such high standards!

Arthur Gredington studied for 3 years at The Royal College and was appointed the first resident modeler for Beswick in 1939. He specialised in horses and dogs and 'Winged Foot Marksman of Allways' is widely acknowledged as one of his finest pieces.


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Type: Ornament

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