Newmarket Picnic Rug

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Now we all know as the chosen servants to the pointy faced hound we have certain standards to maintain on his or her behalf, so when it comes to picnicing, whether it be in a park, on the beach, at the polo or the races, what better way to eat al fresco in style than on a quintessential Newmarket rug?!

Woven soley by Hainsworth (Royal Warrent holder to HM The Queen) in one of Britain's last vertical mills, this 100% wool rug has an extra thick and dense weave making it super hard wearing and water repellent. And of course, having all the wonderful benefits of wool and being amazingly warm it also makes a fabulous blanket on the bed!


145 cm x 167 cm approx


Dry clean recommended 

The Wonders of Wool!

Non allergenic, wool does not promote the growth of bacteria and with microscopic scales, wool fibres trap dust in the top layers until vacuumed away and resists dirt and grease.

Breathable; wool’s natural structure allows it to absorb and release water vapour into the atmosphere, keeping your hound warm in winter and cool in summer.

Strong and durable; wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to its natural shape so it will stand up to any amount of 'rearranging' by your hound and still look good!

Flame retardant, not something to dwell on but wool fibre has a higher ignition threshold than many other fibres and is flame retardant up to 600º C. It also produces less toxic fumes in a fire.

Animal friendly - Buying wool supports raising sheep for their fleece rather than food. Every year a new fleece grows on the sheep’s back and may be removed without harm to the animal.

Air Purifying, wool absorbs harmful pollutants – not only does wool absorb many harmful pollutants from the air, it does not re-emit them. It’s estimated that wool used in interiors can help purify the air for 30 years.

The Story of The Newmarket Blanket

Originating from the 18th century 'point blanket' (used for mass exchange for the beaver skin with the native North Americans) this rich amber, navy and red patterned blanket was first produced in the Cotswolds market town of Witney hence it also being known as a 'Witney blanket'.

It became iconic in the racing world where due to it's thermal insulating properties it was used in the many race horse training yards of Newmarket.

Now woven solely by Hainsworth, (Royal Warrent holder to HM The Queen) in one of Britain's last vertical mills,this classic Newmarket pattern represents English heritage at its best!


Hainsworth fabric has clothed royalty and the military for full-dress ceremonial occasions and has embellished and enriched the furnishings of palaces across the world. The Woolsack, the seat of the Lord Speaker in the House of Lords, is covered with Hainsworth cloth. Princess William and Harry both wore Hainsworth cloth at the Royal Wedding in 2011.

They also delivered the first inherently heat and flame-retardant fabrics in the UK that now protect emergency services and military personnel around the world from the damaging effects of fire. Their award-winning innovation centre is an internationally recognised authority in the design and development of woven textiles and they hold The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.


Type: Picnic Rug

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