Charley Chau Snuggle Bed

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Probably the best dog bed in the world, the Snuggle Bed designed by award winning Charley Chau has made it possible to own a sighthound and have an undisturbed night's sleep!

Night time visits from persistent 'heat seeking missiles' - gone! Inning and outing of the duvet by too cold / too hot four legged friends - gone! Clinging to the edge of the mattress whilst trying to avoid the outstretched stick sharp legs of your uninvited bed guest - gone!

Lined in the snuggliest faux fleece with a stiched-in blanket top your hound will always be warm and cosy and you won't need to tuck them in! 

Finished in either fabulously stylish Velour upholstery grade fabric (images to follow), Weave upholstery grade fabric or Dotty Cotton (images to follow), the Snuggle Bed looks great in any home!


Teal & Cloud Velour, Linen & Slate Weave, Dotty Charcoal & Dotty Dove Grey


Medium - 80 cm x 60 cm approx (Loved by Iggies and Mini Dachshunds)

Large - 100 cm x 80 cm (Loved by Whippets, Lurchers, and Standard Sausages)

Luxury washable deep filled fibre mattress with internal wall panels to maintain shape.


Outer cover removes fully for washing 

Please allow slightly more room for your dog when choosing a Snuggle Bed size as Snuggle Beds need to be slightly larger than a standard dog bed that a dog would lie on top of because of the stitched in blanket top.


Snuggle Bed Removable Cover

Luxury Deep-Filled Mattress


Type: Bed

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