Our Story

Based in the heart of the Sussex countryside overlooking the South Downs we share our lives with our three Whippets and one Italian Greyhound Whippet cross who inspired us to launch The Whippet Company alongside our established business, The Whippet Hotel.
Having spent the last 35 years with pointy faces of one kind or another (7 Whippets, 1 Greyhound, 1 Lurcher & an Iggy x!) we're constantly on the lookout for beautifully made quality products for, about, or depicting sighthounds so we figured if we feel this way then there must be plenty of other people who share our passion!
Oh and you may notice a few Sausage Dog items as we've got a soft spot for those too! 

Meet The Team

                                 Caroline (& Basil) - Head of Blue-Sky Thinking!                                   
Ben (& Basil & Flippit!) - Head of The Practical Stuff!
Luna - The Poster Girl!
Sebastian - The Poster Boy!

Wonderful images by Kerry Jordan

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