Cashmere Sighthound Sweater

The Whippet Company

If you want your hound to step out in style this Winter then this is a 'must have' for the Pointy Face wardrobe!

Made of the finest Mongolian cashmere, our beautiful plain knit sweaters are uniquely designed especially for the streamline shape of the Sighthound.

The long neck can be worn unrolled to keep extra snug or turned over for a 'snappy' look! Either way your hound will be dressed for the smartest of occasions!

Please note cashmere is a delicate fabric and these sweaters are not designed for running in or rough & tumble activities. 

Our special design is not mass market and is only available through The Whippet Company.


Colours: Claret, Midnight Blue, Mist


Extra Small  (Back 19" / 48cms Chest 21 - 21.5" / 53 - 55cms)

Small  (Back 21" / 53cms Chest 23 - 23.5" / 58.5 - 60cms)

Medium  (Back 23" / 58.5cms Chest 25 -25.5" / Si64 - 65cms)

Large  (Back 25" / 64cms Chest 27 - 27.5" / 68 - 70cms)


Care: Hand wash and reshape whilst damp

*SALE Please note there will be no branding on these as a sale item.

Measuring your hound

Back measurements should be done from the base of the neck between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.

Chest measurements should be done right around the chest at the deepest point (generally just behind the fore leg).

The Story

Whilst many well known brands claim to use the finest Italian or Scottish cashmere, neither of these countries raise cashmere goats as the climate just isn't cold enough to encourage them to grow their cashmere winter coats. The yarn is simply spun in Italy or Scotland after being grown in Mongolia, China, Afghanistan, Iran or Turkey.

Not all cashmere is of equal quality and with China being the largest producer, many of the items on the market are made from cheaper shorter fibres that have been shaved rather than harvested by hand producing a shorter weaker yarn. Cashmere products that use fibres from Inner Mongolia are misleading at this is a region of Northern China.

Mongolia's extreme winter temperatures mean the goats grow particularly long coats producing the best cashmere in the world. The longer the fibre, the stronger the yarn and only the longest softest fleece is removed by hand from the goats in the Springtime when they naturally shed their winter coats

Our cashmere sighthound sweaters are made from the world's finest Mongolian cashmere and are produced in Ulaanbaatar, the country's capital.

The Whippet Company endeavours to support developing countries through trade opportunities.


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